Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trial and Error

My dear friend, Mindy just had a birthday. I found this easy tutorial for camera strap covers (click here for link) and knew that it would be the perfect gift for her. Not only is Mindy a really great friend but she is a talented photographer and has captured many, many wonderful pictures of my boys. These are just a few of my favorites.

I was so excited when I found this super cute fabric by Michael Miller called Vintage Paisley.

Being that I love all things embroidered and personalized I embroidered her name on it too.
Mindy loved it and was really excited but when we put the cover on her strap we realized that it was about two inches too short. I was so bummed. We pretty much have the same exact camera. I had used my strap as a pattern. Who would have thought that the straps would be different? Obviously, not me! I did buy more fabric and plan to make a new and improved strap cover very soon.


  1. What a thoughtful and sweet gift. LOVE IT!

  2. Thank you for the sweet words and THANK YOU for the awesome strap cover - I. LOVE. IT!!! Seriously, everytime I see it I smile because of the cheerful, happy fabric of colors I love and because of my wonderful friend who thoughtfully made it for me. :)