Saturday, July 31, 2010

Em Tanner Shirts

Back in the day I loved watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. I fell in love with the cute shirts from Em Tanner that the kids wore on the show.
When baby Jack was born I just HAD to have the Big Bro and Lil Bro shirts for my boys.

Now that Jack is no longer a baby and we have another one on the way I have been keeping my eyes open for some cute shirts.My cousin Hanna called me today to tell me that Em Tanner is having a 'Junk in Our Trunk Clearance sale' and that the cute shirts were $30 marked down to $19.
Plus I found a coupon code TOTTRENDS  for and additional 20% off
Jack will be able to wear the shirt Jed wore two years ago, so I orded one for Jed and this one for their baby sister. I'm so excited!