Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love, Love, Love Vista Print

My cousin Hanna discovered Vista Print. When I saw all of the cute things she ordered I had to check it out. I went to the Vista Print site and created an account and then I started getting emails on a regular basis with their advertised FREE stuff. You just pay for the shipping which isn't bad if you select the super slow delivery. They say it takes 21 days but I recieved my package in about 7 days. Vista Print is a site for businesses so it may take some creativity to to figure out how to make some of the products work for you or your family but well worth it.
250 business cards.....FREE!!!!
I have been using these as gift tags.

100 small postcards for our family.......  FREE!!!!
I have used these as gift tags and thank you notes.
I did pay a little extra for envelopes.

10 note cards with envelopes for me....Free!!!!
I've used these as gift tags for birthday gifts and baby gifts.

50 Large postcards.....FREE!!!
                                    I paid extra for envelopes. I'm using these as Birthday cards.

Sticky notes for me.....FREE!!!!

Key chain for Jed to put on his back pack....FREE!!!!

Self inking address stamp.....FREE!!!!

I also got 280 adress labels for the kids with cute fire trucks on them.....FREE!!!
Since our address is on those I decided not to post a picture

All this for FREE!!! Check it out!


  1. I've used Vista Print in the past for free business cards, but did not know that they offered so much other FREE stuff. Very cool! I'm off to order some postcards and note cards for my classroom.

  2. Oh yay! Another Blog post inspired by me! Yay!